Avoid Being Charged with a Theft That You Took No Part In

If a couple of your co-workers were involved in a crime that involved stealing money from a cash register at your place of employment and now they are trying to implicate you in the crime, hiring a criminal defense attorney will safeguard you from being charged for an action that you took no part in. A criminal defense attorney will gather facts and key statements that will prove that you did not steal the truck. 

Contacting Your Employer May Not Be in Your Best Interest

It is likely that your employer will place you and the others on a leave of absence if they are uncertain of who is guilty of the crime. This can be very disturbing and may seem unfair. Your first instinct may be to beg your boss to listen to you so that you can explain your innocence to them.

This may not be the best idea, however, because your employer is probably still very upset about being stolen from. They may think that you are lying and are merely using persuasion to salvage your job, which could result in you being fired if your employer becomes agitated.

Being fired won't seem very favorable to your defense case if the fact is introduced during the court hearing. As hard as it may be, trust that your defense lawyer will clear your name so that your job is salvaged down the road. For the time being, keep yourself occupied or seek another job at an alternate location.

Details and Concrete Evidence Will Be Collected

One thing is certain, you cannot be held liable for a crime that you didn't commit if there is no concrete evidence that can be used against you. Tell your lawyer what you know about your co-workers, including how long they have worked with you, how they act during their shifts, any indications that your peers were going to commit a crime, and how you were approached by your co-workers or your boss after the theft occurred.

If there is surveillance equipment inside of your place of employment, recordings that were made on the date of the crime may be presented during your court hearing.

If there were any people inside of your place of employment who can vouch for your innocence or who have solid proof that the other workers were guilty of the crime, your attorney may have them subpoenaed so that their take on what occurred will be presented during your hearing. 

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