Emergency Room Errors Can Lead to Personal Injury Cases

Going to the emergency room shouldn't feel like a risk. For most people, the emergency room is a safe place to receive treatment when you have a medical emergency. Unfortunately, you may find yourself facing additional injuries and expenses as a result of your emergency room visit.

Are you concerned that your emergency room injury is costing you a lot of money? Are you unable to work? This is what you need to know.

How Do Emergency Room Injuries Happen?

You may encounter a personal injury in the emergency room for a number of reasons. For instance, the emergency room personnel may act too quickly or perhaps not quickly enough. Additionally, those who work in the emergency room often work long shifts with demanding hours, which means that they may not always be in tip-top shape to care for patients. This can lead to serious mistakes that leave you with serious injuries.

What Types of Emergency Room Errors Are There?

You may encounter a variety of emergency room errors based on the nature of the emergency room itself.

For instance, you could face a personal injury linked to misdiagnosis. Misdiagnosis means you could receive treatment for the wrong ailment, and your initial complaint may go unanswered. This can also lead to a delayed diagnosis.

Neglectful emergency room staff members could also lead to failure to provide you with the right medications. In some cases, a staff member could incorrectly administer a medication or the anesthesia you need for a procedure.

Surgical errors can also occur in the emergency room. Surgery errors may involve failure to properly sterilize tools, for instance. For example, while extremely rare, there have been cases where an individual has discovered that they had a surgical tool left in their body after the surgery.

What Can You Do About an Emergency Room Error?

If you face an emergency room error that leaves you with a long-lasting or permanent problem, you may take your personal injury case to court. This helps you recover some of the funds you lost because of medical bills or your inability to work during recovery.

In order to pursue a case in court, you should hire a personal injury attorney. Your attorney will examine your case, build a strong argument, and represent your rights. Your attorney will also help you value your case to ensure you recover the funds you need to make up for your lost expenses.