How A Patient Can Try To Get Your License Revoked

As a chiropractor, when you find yourself in conflict with a patient, you might not only risk losing the patient and possibly receiving a negative review, but your patient may even file a complaint with the board. If the board considers the complaint to have merit, your chiropractor license could be revoked. To avoid any disruptions in your ability to continue practicing, you must consult with a chiropractor license defense attorney.

The Responsibility of the Board

The job of the board is to protect the public, and they will take the steps necessary to keep the public safe. Once a member of the public has made a complaint, the board will begin an investigation. 

The Chiropractic Board of Examiners

The board consists of healthcare professionals and lawyers who investigate all allegations of malpractice. A chiropractor license defense attorney will know what the board is looking for and can assist you in putting your practice in the best possible light. 

Actions That Can Lead to a License Suspension

If you are suspected of committing fraud or behaving in a way that might hurt a patient, you may be at risk of losing your chiropractor license. You might face a license suspension if you engage in medical malpractice and your medical treatment leads to a patient becoming injured. 

However, a malpractice lawsuit is not enough, and your behavior must be reported to the board and thoroughly investigated. You will need to prove that your actions are the same that a reasonable healthcare provider would take.

You might be accused of professional misconduct. For example, you might be accused of verbally assaulting a patient. If this is the case, you might be reported to the board. However, you do not have to suffer consequences from untrue allegations if you are able to prove your innocence with the help of a chiropractor license defense attorney.

Insurance Fraud

One of the most common accusations chiropractors face is insurance fraud. For example, you might be accused of setting up a false billing record to obtain reimbursement from an insurance provider. You might have your license suspended even if you made a mistake. Therefore, you will want to involve an attorney as soon as possible.

Petition to Reinstate a License

You are allowed to file a petition to reinstate your license. However, you will need help from a chiropractor license defense attorney to put together the best possible case. Because of this, while losing a license can be devastating, it can also be very temporary. 

To learn more, contact a chiropractor license defense attorney.