Danger In The Parking Lot

Being hurt badly enough to require medical attention can be a distressing situation to most. When it's a parking area of your favorite grocery store or restaurant, it can be even more upsetting. Just because your injury occurred in a parking lot doesn't mean you cannot seek personal injury damages. Read on to learn more about this common but confusing situation.

Have You Been Backed Into?

Unfortunately, some people put their vehicles in reverse and fail to do a good job of looking out for pedestrians. When you are hit by a car, regardless of the circumstances, the driver of the car is responsible for your injuries and paying your damages. Make no mistake, pedestrians have the right of way no matter what, so the driver is always at fault in these situations and is liable.

Trips, Falls, and Stumbles 

Some parking lots are in a lot better shape than others. If you fall down in a parking lot, it might not just be your clumsiness. Parking lots are the responsibility of the shopping center or store, and they are supposed to keep things smooth and hazard-free. Contact a personal injury lawyer if you fell down and hurt yourself because of a pothole or other hazards and had to seek medical help as a result.

Danger in the Dark 

People have to shop when they have time and that can mean shopping after dark for many. Unfortunately, some parking lots don't provide adequate lighting. That not only can increase the chances of falling down, but it can also allow crime to flourish. If you have been the victim of a crime or had an accident because of poor lighting conditions, speak to a lawyer.

When Cars Collide

You might even be in danger once reaching the relative safety of your own vehicle. Bad drivers drive badly everywhere and parking lots are included. Many have seen drivers in parking areas speeding, going the wrong way down an aisle, driving across the lot with no notice of oncoming cars, and more. When you are hit by another driver, call law enforcement, and seek medical help right away. Careless drivers can cause serious injuries, make you miss work, and rack up thousands in medical bills.

Don't wait to seek help from both your doctor and a personal injury lawyer. You can be entitled to medical expenses, lost wages, ruined personal possessions, and pain and suffering, and more. Speak to a lawyer to find out more.