How To Hold A Business Accountable For E. Coli Food Poisoning

E. coli poisoning can be very dangerous. While some individuals experience only mild symptoms, others can experience severe health complications. If you received E. coli poisoning and you believe a business was at fault, you may find it difficult to win a successful case unless you work closely with a personal injury lawyer who has experience with food poisoning cases.

Prove That You Suffered Damages

To prove that another party is at fault for the accident, you will need to show that you became ill and that your illness was the result of a specific incident. You may be able to prove that you became ill if you receive medical treatment immediately. 

While you might be concerned with the cost of being treated, this decision is better for your health and your visit will also produce evidence that you can use to prove that you became ill from E. coli.

Determine How You Became Sick

Once you have proven that you become sick, you will need to prove that your illness was the result of food contamination. You will want to remember everything you ate the day that you became sick with E. coli and you can then track down potential sources for the E. coli contamination. The food that might have been contaminated with E. coli can be tested in a lab for confirmation. Common sources of E. coli contamination include:

  • Ground meat
  • Unpasteurized milk and juice
  • Fruit and vegetables grown near animal livestock

Report your infection to the local health department. It's possible that your illness is part of a much larger E. coli outbreak. This will also make it easier to determine the source of the contamination if you can confirm that you were a part of that specific outbreak. 

Build Your Legal Case

Once you have determined the source of your food poisoning, a personal injury attorney can help you calculate the damages you have suffered. You will be able to receive compensation for your medical bills, future medical expenses, and lost wages. An attorney can maximize your chances of securing the highest compensation.

When customers sue over food poisoning, they also encourage manufacturers and distributors to engage in better food safety practices. Oftentimes, food contamination results from companies failing to invest in better health and safety practices. However, a strong legal case, especially one that leads to punitive damages or a substantial settlement, can put the maximum pressure on the company to change.

For more information about pursuing a personal injury case, contact an attorney like those at Siben & Siben LLP