3 Circumstances You Need The Services Of A Probate Law Attorney

Estate and property issues can be overwhelming, especially if you already have other things on your plate. If you're a property owner who wishes to manage and structure your assets to ensure a smooth transfer when you die, you'll need the services of a probate law attorney. These professionals will solve all your estate issues effectively, ensuring none of them slip through the cracks. In this article, you'll learn three circumstances you'll need these services.

1. When Opening an Estate Account

If you have a will, you'll need to open an estate account to be used for all your probate proceedings. This is where all the money and assets in your name are deposited and handled by the executor of your will. An account is vital to prevent any confusion or mismanagement of assets that might happen if there are no instructions on what should be done with them. Estate accounts are opened for a set period after a person's death. You can also request that some or all of your assets be transferred into an estate account before they're distributed in the probate proceedings if it will speed up the process and reduce tax liability when you die.

An attorney can help you open an account. They'll ensure that all modifications and revisions on the will are done effectively before this process begins and guide you on the amount of money to deposit in your account. This will make things run smoothly and efficiently when it comes time to distribute the assets.

2. When Selling Property

You'll need to list your property on the MLS when selling property. This system allows real estate agents to search for properties based on buyers' specifications. The system will then list the property's address and price. You may also need to open a bank account for the sale proceeds and deposit them in this account. Working with an attorney will make this process easier. They'll ensure that a proper deed is done and you're able to transfer the property to a new owner.

3. When a Will is Contested

Many things can make a will to be contested. If this happens, the court may appoint a guardian ad litem to look out for the best interest of the person who's been left out of the will. If you want to protect the assets from fraudulent individuals, hire a probate attorney. They'll represent you in court and ensure that only the rightful heirs receive the inheritance.

The probate process can be difficult and time-consuming if everything isn't in order before it happens. Hiring a probate law attorney will make the process less hassle, and ensure the deceased's wishes are carried out.