4 Reasons Insurers Deny Your Workers Compensation And How A Compensation Attorney Can Fix It

An injury at work dips your morale and interferes with your professional journey. The situation worsens if you lose your income and workers compensation claim. Insurers may deny your claim because of documentation, reporting, or timeliness. A workers compensation attorney helps you through these tough times by negotiating your way to a befitting compensation package. 

Read on to understand why insurers may deny your compensation claim.

1. Wrong Timing of the Claims or Injury

An insurer can deny your claim if you don't report your injury on time. File an incident report of your injury immediately to rule out any assumptions the insurers might make. Let your employer know the injury details as you seek medical attention. 

Once you complete the paperwork, your employer should submit the form within 90 days of the injury. Late applications must have a good reason for the insurers to listen to your claim. Again, your attorney can help you find legitimate reasons for approval. 

If you file your claim after you get fired or laid off, insurers might reject your claim. A workers compensation attorney helps you to understand how to handle, report, and file your injury claim.  

2. Incorrect Paperwork

Have the proper documents when filing your compensation claims. Fill in the necessary forms, and attach your medical and injury records accurately and timely to increase your chances of approval. 

Your lawyer can help you get medical attention from a licensed medical professional and guide you properly on how to present your case. 

3. No Witnesses

It isn't easy to prove your case if you don't have any witnesses. Insurers and employers can point out that the accident didn't happen as reported. Some employers will argue their case to nullify any injury allegations. 

A workers compensation attorney helps you validate your claims by looking for additional evidence from your medical professional or monitoring cameras within the premises. 

4. Nature of the Injury

Insurers could deny your claim if you had any prior medical condition or did something that caused the injury. For example, if you were high on drugs at the time of the injury, the insurer can deny your claim. 

Some employers may also reject your injury claims if it was during lunch or if you were goofing around with your co-workers. Let your attorney understand the facts about the injury to negotiate a worthy compensation for your trouble.

Hire workers compensation attorney services to help you avoid these common mistakes and relieve some of the financial and professional problems caused by the injury.