What To Do When Facing Drug Charges

Drug charges can ruin your life in several ways. Apart from a conviction that might go on your criminal record, you also face the prospect of going to jail and spending a lot of money on your legal defense. However, you greatly improve your odds of beating the charges and improving your experience with the law if you know what to do.

Below are tips on what to do when facing drug charges.

Don't Resist Arrest

Do not resist arrest when the police come for you, whether you think you are innocent or guilty. Don't struggle, become violent, threaten anyone, or attempt to run away. For one, resisting arrest sets a bad precedent for your subsequent dealings with the law.

Secondly, resisting arrest is a separate criminal offense with its own penalties. You might beat the drug charges and suffer a conviction for resisting arrest.

Exercise Your Right To Remain Silent

You have the right to remain silent during and after your arrest; exercise that right. Otherwise, you might unwittingly say things that make you look guilty. You might even provide the authorities with ammunition to use as evidence against you.

For example, explaining that your drugs are medicinal proves that, indeed, the drugs are yours. That means you cannot later defend yourself by explaining that you never possessed the drugs the police claim you did. At the very least, stay silent until you can speak to a lawyer.

Don't Plead Guilty Or Accept A Plea Bargain Without Your Lawyer

Some people plead guilty to conclude their cases as soon as possible. Don't take that route before speaking to a lawyer. Let your lawyer analyze your case and determine the best defense for you. Changing a guilty plea to a not guilty one is not easy — don't make your lawyer's case more difficult than it should be.

Don't negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution without involving a lawyer. The prosecution might offer you a bad deal; they know you are likely inexperienced in such matters. Let an experienced lawyer handle your plea deal if they think your case should take that route.

Post Bail As Soon As Possible

Post bail so you can go free pending your arraignment. Posting bail minimizes the arrest's effect on your life by:

  • Allowing you to continue being with your loved ones
  • Allowing you to continue your business activities (whose income can help pay for your legal defense)
  • Allowing you to research your case and consult lawyers so you can choose the best one for your circumstances

You can work with a bail bond company if you don't have cash bail.

Hopefully, you will beat the charges and avoid a conviction. Contact a criminal defense lawyer to learn more.