Injuries Incurred on the Property of Attorneys: Who Do You Sue?

Injuries can happen anywhere, but when you twist an ankle or fall on the steps of a law firm filled with general attorneys, who do you sue? Can you sue for a personal injury when the person or persons are attorneys themselves? While you may feel daunted by the prospect, a serious injury incurred on any type of property is fair grounds for a lawsuit. If you just recently became injured on the grounds of a law firm, here is what you need to do and who you can sue. Read More 

When Are You Legally Allowed To Withhold The Rent?

Your legal ability to withhold rent greatly depends on the laws in your state. Before withholding rent, be sure to check into local state laws. However, in most states, if the landlord fails to meet their responsibilities while you are renting, you may be legally allowed to withhold the rent until they start. One of the most common reasons a tenant withholds rent is due to the landlord's failure to upkeep and repair the property as stated within the rental agreement. Read More 

How To Avoid Social Security Fraud

Social security disability fraud is when a disabled individual tries to misrepresent his or her injury as a way to receive greater compensation from the state. Since this form of fraud is often prosecuted, you will need to be aware of how you can avoid fraud both to avoid criminal penalties and to avoid having your social security disability claims denied. Do Not Make False Statements If you make a false statement when reporting to the Social Security office, this might be a crime. Read More 

4 Things You Should Know About Your Criminal Law Attorney To Get The Best Defense

There are four things that a defendant should realize about their defense attorney, and act accordingly, to get the best defense possible. 1. Being a contrarian makes your lawyer's job harder, if not impossible. Your own attitude can sabotage a lawyer's best defense strategies before trial, in court, and if you are convicted, then during the sentencing phase. You should avoid being overly critical and dismissive, rude, argumentative, or otherwise display a bad attitude in court and in talking to your attorney, and to anyone else involved in your case. Read More 

3 Tips For Affording A Bankruptcy Attorney With Little To No Money

Excessive credit card spending that is not paid off will eventually lead to bankruptcy for many individuals. Credit card holders sometimes view credit cards as money that they have rather than money they will eventually have to pay back. When this realization is made, it is often too late to do anything. At this point, filing for bankruptcy is the only option. However, depending on how complicated your case is, you may need to hire a bankruptcy attorney. Read More