Shared Custody? Dos And Don’ts To Maintain It

If you currently share custody of your child with your former spouse, you may wonder how you can keep things calm. In some cases, you may not realize that keeping things copacetic could involve going to court. If you are about to be awarded shared custody or are seeking it in court, knowing how to keep your situation calm is important. Don't Ask a Child to Choose One of the first things you need to know when you are a divorced parent is that you should never ask a child to choose between parents. Read More 

Emergency Room Errors Can Lead to Personal Injury Cases

Going to the emergency room shouldn't feel like a risk. For most people, the emergency room is a safe place to receive treatment when you have a medical emergency. Unfortunately, you may find yourself facing additional injuries and expenses as a result of your emergency room visit. Are you concerned that your emergency room injury is costing you a lot of money? Are you unable to work? This is what you need to know. Read More